Monday, September 19, 2011

Well, it seems I got just a little side tracked! I thought I'd be off for a couple weeks at most, not 4 months! Anyways, I am back! :)

I fell off the Vegan bandwagon for a while there, for various reasons, and I am yet again working on getting back on the right track. Since my last meanderings down Vegan Lane, I have picked up some more good information and tidbits. Mainly blogs and books.

I've picked up a copy of Alicia Silverstone's ebook (for my Kindle) "The Kind Diet".  I just happened to catch the end of some tv talk show, Tyra or Oprah, I can't remember, and Alicia was on talking about her book. Initially I looked into it, and decided to wait because I was broke. I randomly popped onto one day to look at ebooks, and this book happened to be their "deal of the day" and at $2.99 I really couldn't say no. I started looking through it, and I'm a little skeptical. I need to try out some recipies and see what happens. It seems a little wacked out, but that could be due to my lack of knowledge of certain vegan staples at this point. I've also not had much of a chance to play with Kim Barnouin's book that got a while back either. So I've got a good book collection going, and I have also found some AWESOME vegan recipie blogs that I'm stoked about trolling for good food recipies :)

My bestie is also blogging about her raw/vegan adventures, so I'll be trolling her blog as well. You should too ( :)

thats all for now. gonna go troll and make a shopping list. I need to make it work. NOW.