Monday, May 9, 2011

Tofurky? YES PLEASE!

Ah, so a bit has happened since my previous blathering about this becoming Vegan thing. Last night, again, I ate my feelings (ugh). But on a positive note, I worked very hard the rest of the week to eat as proper as I could.
I have since come to the conclusion that going hardcore vegan right off the bat was not quite the right way to go about this. I need to do it in baby steps so I can learn. I was actually inspired to do this slowly by the author Kim Barnouin (who also co-wrote "Skinny Bitch"). I got a nice Kindle version of her book since the Skinny Bitch era, and it was nicely put that working a Vegan day into your week and increasing them slowly will help with the transition. For me especially. I'm broke. I'm having to replace 99% of the kinds of food that I eat with this new way of thinking.

So for now, I am doing a Vegetarian/Vegan hybrid until I can fully immerse myself and understand everything there is to understand. I am doing my best to find Vegan foods, but sometimes I might pick up something that has umm, egg whites in it (like my Broccoli pancakes!) or something with some kind of cheese (like my veggie burgers). I DO feel the guilt, but I have to tell myself that it is ok, because I am still learning, and I am trying. Besides my little binge last night, I avoided meats all week. I have to say, when I was stuffing my face (out of self pity) I felt terrible. I knew I would hate myself for it in the morning (and I did).

I wrote myself a grocery list while I was bored yesterday, and today I took my happy ass to Whole Foods and shopped. I went with a $50 budget, I spent 53 and some change. Not bad :) And some of the stuff I won't need for a couple more weeks so its a win/win situation. Or, just Winning! (in the case of Charlie Sheen) Ha.

So on the list was some fake deli meat. I saw a lot of the Tofurky brand, so I figured that would be a good place to start. Unfortunately I was just a bit nervous due to my bestie telling me that Tofurky was "gross". But, I decided to try it anyways. I mean, everyone has their own sense of taste so I might as well try it. So I picked up the "peppered" flavor, because I really love me some cracked peppercorn!

The Verdict:...........

Holy OMG. I think I am in love. Peppered Tofurky is a WIN in my book! YES! MY taste buds are pleased!

I didn't have anything to put on the sandwich besides some Miracle Whip and baby greens I picked up. Can I just say, Miracle Whip is by far much tastier to me than Mayo, and its calories are so much lower. I need to find me a vegan version, or I will just have to keep eating the regular stuff.

And with that said....The journey continues

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