Thursday, August 16, 2012

Been a while, lets get back on track!

It's been a while since my last post.... I know. I'm lazy! Ugh!
I have to admit though, I've just been enjoying life for a change. Since I quit the restaurant back in April, I have been so much happier and I have had a ton of free time! It is so nice to be able to just go do whatever I want and not have to worry about slaving away   working at the restaurant. Still loving my newish job (6 months in September! Whooo!!)  I haven't been puting a whole lot of time into antiquing and repainting lately, but thats partially due to the fact that it has been so ungodly hot, and umm, I am always broke (lol). I've been nannying of a girlfriend a couple times  month which has been quite helpful but that is going to slow down here soon, and now that the weather seems to be cooling off.... (in August...weird) I'll try and pick it back up with the antiques. I was scouring craigslist yesterday and found a TON of stuff...too bad I couldn't get my hands on any of $$$ >____< oh well...  I have 2 desks that I need to get done (one is almost there) so that will help with getting me on track.

So my Kitchen & Bath Design program starts so soon!! I am getting really excited for this, and yeah, ok I'll admit it is going to suck being back in school, but, thankfully its all online (and I can do it....) and I can still keep my regualr job, plus its only a year so I'll be done next spring. This is definitely the next step for me, and seeing as a Bachelors just isn't good enough these days, getting some professional credentials under my belt will help I think. I still need to do the LEED thing, but I have plenty of time do to that, however most likely it will be after I finish this KBD program. I am definitely working towards becoming more career focused from here on out because I have to be able to find a decent job when I make that big move back to Seattle.

OKAY!! Now back to the Veggie stuff....had to get life out of the way first :)

So yeah....I feel likeI'm kind of at a stand still with the Vegan thing. I have gotten comfortable with being like half  Vegan.... I'm not going to lie, I am still working on building up my will power and sometimes I just don't have time to prepare my meals properly, or I just "couldn't be arsed"  (my new favorite saying) to deal with it. It has been a struggle for me, because no one I know personally is Vegan. My roommate respects that I am trying it, though she doesn't think it is necessary. We do meals together, and sometimes when we want to share, its just easier to eat what she is making (convenince is a killer I tell yah....) or going out to eat sometimes...ugh. It is getting difficult. Plus, I love buffalo chicken wings :( I really have to just start to try a little harder I guess. I will openly admit that I like the idea of being Vegan and I feel better when I have been sticking to it at least 50% of the time. I totally fell off the boat last weekend, and honestly I felt like crap. My body was in total mutany against me and I knew exactly why.

I just have to work on my commitment level a bit, and start looking for more recipes to try. I love my Happy Herbivore stuff...and I bought the Kindle versions of both books, but I think I need a paper copy, because honestly, a cookbook should be tangible and I like to flip through and look at all the pages. Can't really do that on a Kindle.  I love how easy Lindsay at HH makes things so easy and not weird. Yeah, I have to go to the "health food" store but thats fine. A great thing about the new HyVee here in Madison, is it has a small but bountiful "health market" which is basically a mini Whole Foods  in my opinion, and I love it. I still wanna try and check out Trader Joe's at some point, because I am sure I will be able to get a few things a little more cheapl there, and the Whole Foods is kind of a hike, which I don't mind but thats only when I need something specific.

And also, thanks to HH and Twitter I found a new blog to follow which I think will be a huuuuuge help for me, because this gal has lots of great reference material, and frankly, it sounds like we are in the same boat! Gonna have to try and have a nice chat with her one of these days (perhaps) This is the link to her blog not sure how to do the linky things -- I would definitely recomend checking it out!

So...with that all being said, I suppose it is time for me to get back to work 'eh? :) Good thing I am great at multitasking

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