Monday, April 25, 2011

The Beginning

A few years ago, well more like 6, I heard about this book "Skinny Bitch". Yay, one more diet fad to come along and try to suck everyone in. Well, not exactly. I picked up my copy at some point during my 5 year stint in Seattle, and was not really sure what to make of what I read. I felt slightly offended, and a little like I was being bullied. I thought about the words that I had been assaulted with made a very halfhearted attempt at this crazy lifestyle change and quickly forgot about it. Later on as a birthday gift I was given the next phase of the book, "Skinny Bitch in the Kitch". I was pretty excited about it, and then pretty much forgot about it the next week.

About a month ago, in preparation for my move, my (now previous) roommate had handed me both of my books. I didn't even remember loaning them to her! Whoops! Ever since they returned to my possession, I never put them away. They have always been somewhere that I could see them, always in my line of sight. There has been this little whisper in the back of mind since my books have been released from their closet prison, telling me that now is the time! I have to admit, the first time I read "Skinny Bitch" I felt like I was being herded, and having an opinion and lifestyle forced upon me. I do not like being pushed around (by a book no less) which is part of the reason why I gave up in the past.

I have been thinking a lot lately. I have been thinking about making this lifestyle change more than I ever thought I could. I've been thinking about how I want to approach everything I do with this journey. I think it might be slightly cliche, but yeah, I'm going to blog about it. I feel like it will be a sort of therapy. I'm not going to hold anything back. I'm going to be honest, open and blunt. I will have my funny moments and my serious moments. I will probably want to give up, hell I might not even make a post for a couple weeks (however that is something I want to avoid). The point of this is to hopefully provide me some motivation, but also to rant, rave and bitch about the new foods I will be exploring. I've even got my roommate Samantha on board with this which is pretty cool. If we are both eating the same kind of foods, it will be easier to stick to. So here's to the beginning of this crazy journey.

Hope you can bear with me, and maybe even learn something new from it.

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