Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Breakfast of Champions!!


Yes, it is a giant beer glass. NO, there is no alcohol in this wonderful breakfast smoothie! (Oh how I wish I could get away with a few shots of rum in it tho!) I just don't have a glass big enough to contain this smoothie of epic proportions ;)

This is pretty much the smoothie I have always made for myself (when I was in the mood). I made one small adjustment to it however, and that is going with Soy yogurt instead of regular dairy. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about even  trying the soy yogurt. I opened the container, and it was a light tan color.....ummm, what? I thought yogurt was bright bleached white?? Not this kind!!

I tried a little bit of it, and you know, its not that bad! Its a little tangy at first but it pretty much tastes like normal yogurt. I have to say the calories are quite a bit higher, but I am alright with that. I just used a vegan dairy free soy yogurt which is probably 100% more healthy for me anyways. This whole "low fat" "fat free" thing to me is a load of bull. Don't forget, we do need fat in our diets, just not at the rate that we Americans typically like to stuff into our faces. (YES I am one of them, but not for long).

I don't really have a recipe for this, I just eyeball it. I used equal parts of yogurt and orange juice (not from concentrate!) one whole banana, and a bunch of frozen fruit. I love pineapple so I always use gratuitous amounts, and strawberry. Today, I used frozen and a few fresh ones that Samantha (my roommate) picked up over the weekend. I have some mango and orange fruit that I picked up last night, and I'm thinking I should probably prep and freeze them for my Thursday and Friday smoothies. Tomorrow, I am having Broccoli Pancakes!

Here is where I am going to bend the rules a little.

I am honestly slowly easing my way into this "Vegan" lifestyle. It's a huge change for me, the girl who loves a nice Medium Rare steak every now and then. Honestly though, I am right on board with cutting out the dairy from my diet, because honestly its awful for you (but that isn't want the dairy industry wants you to believe!) I've noticed that when I do not consume dairy products for a while, and then I decided to have a big ass bowl of cereal, that the next day its kind of unpleasant for me. I've never had lactose intolerance problems but I believe that they are slowly manifesting in me because I don't typically eat a lot of dairy to begin with and an adult body doesn't really need it anyways. So basically, dairy is out the door for me.

Eggs. Oh eggs. Now this is where I am bending the rules a little. I don't necessarily love eggs to the point of never ever giving them up. I do find that they help satisfy my hunger, and for a fairly decent amount of time. I can say that I am not going to go out and buy some tomorrow, but I am also not going to turn my nose up just yet at a product that may happen to have eggs in it. Hence, my broccoli pancakes that I am having for breakfast tomorrow. They have eggs in them, but that is the only "naughty" thing that I "shouldn't" be eating. So for now, I will try to avoid eggs, but like I said no snobbery here just yet.

And one last thing regarding things I will not give up.


That's right. I'm sticking to my guns on this one. Honey is here to stay. So all you really crazy vegans who think I may be blaspheming the vegan community by making this statement, go find a rock and kick it. I am totally on board with no meat and dairy thing, especially because of the animal cruelty issues, I do have to say how in the hell does a bee fit into this? I'm pretty sure you can't torture a bee. I'm pretty sure that you can't force a bee into bee slave labor. Bees want to make honey!!! That's just what they do! If bee farmers are bad people for giving the bees a place to make their honey where it keep them safe and happy, who cares?!!

Ugh, this reminds me of the weirdo vegan living situation I found myself in a while back. But, I guess I have to save that for later.

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